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You’ve just written the perfect blog post that you know your audience will enjoy but you don’t want to just throw it on Facebook or Twitter without a killer image

“Mobilegeddon” is fast approaching. On April 21st, Google will begin punishing websites that are not mobile optimized by lowering them in search results.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners have to wear many hats: salesperson, marketer, accountant, etc. So much is on your shoulders.

The music industry, which includes bands, individual artists, music distributors, gear makers and distributors, music venues, and everything in between, has the p

On our blog last week, we talked about why Pinterest is one of the most handy digital marketing tools and why every business should be harnessing its power to bri

Pinterest boasts 70 million users.

The digital marketing buzzword of 2015 is content marketing. You’ve heard it over and over again: content is king.

Over 80% of Americans use some type of social network. 23% of time spent online is on social media.

How is your traditional advertising working for you? This is a question that people should be asking themselves.