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20 Questions To Ask A Digital Marketing Agency Before Hiring Them

When you come to the realization that you need a little help with your digital marketing, you discover that the first place to turn is a digital marketing firm. However, you also realize that you have no idea what to look for in that type of company. You have searched online and you have asked colleagues for recommendations and you have built a list of prospective digital marketing agencies to choose from. 

Choosing a company to oversee and manage your digital marketing is no miniscule task. It involves entering into a months-long commitment and it can be quite the investment (with a high return). After you have made a list of several digital marketing agencies, you need to have a meeting with each of them, preferably face to face. During this meeting, you will discover if your two companies jive well together and you will get a clear picture of their professionalism, experience, and expertise. 

To get a good impression, it’s important to ask the right questions during this meeting. We’ve put together a list of vital questions to ask each digital marketing agency that you meet with:

About their company

How long have you been in business?

How many digital marketing clients do you currently have?

About your company

Do you have any experience in my industry?

Are your currently doing digital marketing for any of my competitors? 

What do you think my company does?

Who do you see as our target audience? 

About their work

Can you show me examples of your previous work?

Do you have any client testimonials or can I call any of your previous/current clients?

What types of digital marketing do you do?

About the way they do business

Do we need to sign a contract and how long does the contract last?

Who will be my main point of contact?

How do you require payment?

About their digital marketing processes

How will we communicate during the length of our project? 

Do I have to come up with post and blog ideas or do you?

How do you measure results and how do you show me those results? 

Will you be outsourcing any of my digital marketing? 

Fun Stuff!

What would you change about my current digital marketing strategy?

What is the biggest success you have had with a client?

Why do you want to work with me?

What is the bread and butter of a great digital marketing strategy?

While this list is in no way comprehensive, it should give you a great start to finding the right digital marketing agency for you. Before your meeting, be sure to brainstorm questions that would pertain to your particular industry and your unique needs. As a side note, if an agency seems reluctant to answer your questions, they probably won’t serve you well. 

Asking the right questions will help you make sure you enter into a business with only the best digital marketing agency.