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5 Reasons To Allocate More Dollars To Your Digital Advertising In 2016

The new year is just around the corner and now's the time for your business to make the decision about where to put your advertising dollars. We all know that putting all of your eggs in one basket or another is probably not the best approach. As new technologies are released and new touch-points to reach consumers are exposed, business owners have an entire new avenue when it comes to advertising.

Print media distribution is at the lowest point in its history. Radio is showing a flat growth rate. And television doesn't pack the same punch it did in years past thanks to the heavy adoption of Tivo/DVR and online streaming services. Let's be honest, we all fast forward through the commercials when possible.

There is one genre of advertising that has yet to see a decline over the last decade, digital advertising. Many business owners who have consistently put their advertising dollars into traditional advertising (print, radio, and tv) are skeptical about their ROI when it comes to digital advertising. Here are five reasons why you should be including digital advertising in your 2016 marketing budget.

Digital advertising is 100% quantifiable.

With radio, print, and television you can see your ad or hear your commercial spot on the air. It's a visual product that, in the past, yeilded results. But, how do you know if it's really working? Are the people coming into your business a result of your advertising dollars? With digital advertising (whichever form you choose is best for your business), there are analytics about every single time your ad is viewed. You have access to how many times your ad was viewed, clicked, and even converted into a lead from your website. You can see exactly who is engaging with your advertising by their age, geo location, and even gender. Imagine being able to see if your advertising is reaching the demographic that you are marketing to. If it's not, you can then rethink your marketing materials and adjust them to be more beneficial to your goals.


Digital advertising is more than just "ads".

With digital marketing, your budget isn't dumped into one form of media. Sure, car dealers purchase advertising spots on radio and tv, but their advertising budget is much larger than the average small business. This is where the old saying "Work smarter not harder" comes into play. Traditional advertising is not only throwing darts at a advertising dartboard, but also very expensive. Digital advertising on the other hand, is quite affordable and very flexible. A social media marketing campaign can yeild amazing results and require less than half of that than a traditional advertising campaign and the results of how it's performing are a click away. If you aren't driving the quality leads that you want, you can tweak it on the fly and start seeing the new results instantly. Call and ask if you can change your commercial spot that you are running on a local television channel. Not only will it take weeks for the spot to be produced, but there will be a production fee involved for the new media.


Diversify your advertising dollars.

Here's where digital advertising gets really cool. Using less of a buget you can reach more people that you know are interested in your product. You can reach users that utilize Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Google's search engine and more. For those of you who really appreciate video advertising, this is where we say, don't abandon video! Just advertise using video in a way that saves you money and reaches people where ever they may be. No longer does your video spot only reach someone sitting in front of their television. You can now reach people while they are on social media, watching movie trailers, listening to their favorite band and more. Put your video advertising where your customers are.


Gain new clients while reaching existing ones.

When you are engaged in a social media marketing campaign, you are already reaching the people that find your products valuable. But, you are also reaching new potential clients with each and every post. When your business shares an engaging piece of content from your website on social media and that content gets a like, retweet, share, +1, repin, etc. you have just put your business in front of new potential clients. If your content (and product is compelling), you could easily gain a new follower that might just be walking in your doors or calling you business on this or a future offer. You might have caught yourself liking a local business that a friend follows on social media. The more creative the marketing campaign, the better chances that you'll gain new followers to whom you can market anytime you want.

Reach users where they are.

With traditional forms of advertising, you are marketing to people who utilize a specific product. You are reliant on the idea that someone is going to pick up a phonebook, buy a newspaper, or watch a specific television channel. With digital advertising you can reach people literally anywhere. With the emergence of mobile technology people are reading the news, watching a video, sharing content with friends, all from their handheld devices. Whether they are at home on the couch, laying in bed, or running errands around town, people are utillizing digital products. Put your business where they are instead of hoping they are using a product in which you have chosen to advertise. This will create true top of mind awareness.

So, as you sit down to plan your marketing spend this year, don't put all of your eggs in one basket. But, be sure to add the digital advertising basket into your marketing program. It's affordable and it gets results. If you need assistance in developing a digital marketing campaign or designing an engaging new digital brand website, reach out to us. We will be happy to help you reach your goals.

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