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How To Dominate Your Digital Marketing in 2016

2016 is nearly upon us and that means we must make our usual digital marketing predictions for the coming year. We found that many of 2016’s trends are quite similar to 2015’s, only they have become amplified and more important than ever. In 2015, content became king and in 2016, if you haven’t learned that lesson you will fall behind. 2016 will result in new, exciting forms of content to grab the attention of potential customers. 

Basically, 2016 is just 2015 revamped and put in a shiny, new package. Here are the trends you should know about and start implementing in your digital marketing strategy:


If there is only one thing you do in 2016 to revamp your digital marketing, make sure it is creating a mobile friendly web presence. We can’t emphasize this enough. In 2015, we saw mobile search traffic overtake desktop search traffic. We also witnessed “Mobilegeddon,” the moment when Google started rewarding mobile-friendly sites in search results and punishing non mobile-friendly sites. No longer is a mobile site an option. It is crucial. For more reasons, check out this other blog

If you are already mobile-friendly, good for you. You can get advanced by creating a mobile app - if it is useful for your particular business. 


Video exploded in 2015, especially within other social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Whether you are making entertaining videos simply for brand awareness or if you are making informative how-to videos, you should be doing something. According to Animoto,

96% of consumers find videos helpful when making buying decisions. 
3 out of 4 people are more likely to purchase a product if they watch a video about it before.
94% of consumers watched a video online last week. 

And it’s not just videos of cats doing silly things anymore; more people watch instructional videos than humorous videos. 

Visual Content

Every blog, every Tweet, and every Facebook post needs a visual image along with the written post. It is much more attractive and attracting to your followers. Visual content tactics that are also trending now are infographics (example below) and email newsletters. According to Forbes, written content has become oversaturated and consumers are craving visuals that are easy to look at and soak up the information. 

Long Form Blogs

Another result of a Google algorithm change. So much content has been written over the past 15 years that short answers to simple questions have already been created and are coming up in search results. However, long answers to complicated, difficult questions are more rare. That’s why Google now favors long-form blogging over short-form in search results. To reach optimal SEO-friendliness, your blogs need to be 2,416 words long. Yes, that is a rather long blog. In 2016, it is likely that brands will come out with fewer blogs, but they will be of higher quality and length. 


Digital Marketers are feeling an increased pressure to show how they are performing and for good reason. Brands can’t afford to invest in forms of marketing that don’t bring back a positive ROI. They need real data to show whether or not something is working, not just instincts. 2016 will bring new analytics tools as well as increased spending on analytics. 


Consumers crave personal interaction, even from hundreds of miles away as they sit at their computer. With social media, we have the unique opportunity to interact with these people on a personal level. Consumers don’t want brands to scream at them and say “Look at me! Look at me!” Instead, consumers want to know the real story and the people behind a brand. That may seem weird to you but as the infographic below states, 87% of consumers want a real relationship with the brands they love. 

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