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The Importance Of Having A Mobile-Friendly Marketing Strategy

Imagine you are on the road and you start having car problems. You have no idea what’s wrong but you know you need to get it to a mechanic fast. You pull out your smartphone and search for a mechanic in your area and a lot of websites show up in the search results. You click on website after website but NONE of them are mobile friendly. Annoying, right? You pinch and zoom until you finally find a phone number to call. 

Even in the mobile age, this is still a common occurrence as many businesses have yet to update their websites to a mobile-friendly design. Consumers have spoken and the facts show that internet users and consumers pretty much require that websites are mobile friendly - or else they will abandon the site altogether. Even Google punishes sites that aren’t mobile friendly. 

According to, there are more than 230 different screen sizes available on the market today across a variety of devices. It would be impossible to design that many unique layouts. The solution is responsive web design. This means that the site reacts to the screen size it is being viewed on and it changes its design automatically according to that size. All of the websites we create at catmandu have built-in responsive web design. 

Here’s why you can’t afford to forgo a mobile-friendly website and what you can do to become mobile-friendly. 

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