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Content Marketing

Content marketing is the practice of developing content that is compelling and relevant to a certain demographic and then using that content to drive exposure to a product or service through SEO and or social media. This is normally done through blog or news content creation on a brand’s website.

This content needs to be created with SEO as the primary focus. Using proper SEO techniques when creating the content will insure that the content is viewed by as many people as possible through search engines. This content can be targeted nationally, locally, and even hyperlocally (targeting certain demographics in the local community).

The content can then be shared via social media using best practices to yield high click through rates and therefore getting more eyes on your content. Once they are on your site reading your content, they are exposed to any other services, products, or offers that you choose. Compelling content can include anything from an engaging article about something related to a company’s field of service, a humorous staff video, ‘how to’ info, and more.