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Social Media

Social Media has exploded over the last decade. Over 72% of the people who use the internet have a social media profile and are active users. The average US social media user spends more than 16 minutes an hour utilizing social media. Leveraging social media to reach your customers and clients is crucial.

Social media marketing is more than just posting your specials and products on a site hoping that people click and buy. It’s about creating engaging posts that drive higher click through rates using compelling content that matters to your followers. Growing your followers is also key to getting your message out to people that will be buying your products and services.Sending your page to the people on your friend’s list hoping that they will ‘like’ it will only get you so far, and are you really reaching the people who will be walking into your business?

A targeted growth strategy for your social media brand can insure that your business and content is being promoted to people in your area and those interested in your products and services. This increases the likelihood that your content promotion will result in more business for you. Don’t let potential clients and customers miss out on what your business has to offer.