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Web Development

These days, there is more to having a website built than just getting your company’s information up on the internet. A website needs to be organized and easy to navigate. People interested in your products and services need to be able to find that information quickly and easily, otherwise they will find it somewhere else.

A website needs to be the center of your online brand. Many people think “Well, I have a Facebook page that I use for my website” and that they don’t need a website. While having a Facebook page and using Social Media to promote your business is a great idea (when done properly), it doesn’t take the place of a website. Social media should be the vehicle that brings your potential clients to your online brand, which is your website. Once they have landed on your website, then you have the ability to engage them and either sell or have a call-to-action. Your website should be not only visually engaging, but an experience that helps your potential customer know who you are and what they can expect when doing business with you.

If you don’t have a website, or the website is built using dated technology, then the consumer can make it difficult to establish consumer trust in your brand. Keep in mind that 3 out of 5 consumers search for a business on a mobile device. That means that when they do land on your website through good SEO, then they are experiencing your online brand through a handheld device. If you’re site is not optimized for mobile viewing (responsive design), then it makes it difficult for those potential customers to find the products or services that they are looking for. Having an easy to navigate mobile website can make it easy for people to find you while they’re in their vehicles, at lunch, out shopping and more. This increases the likelihood of them stopping into your business. Having an engaging web presence can easily turn an online visitor into a call or walk-in.